Thank you for joining us at Recovery and beyond Radio. It is our hope that you find wisdom and answers to the struggles you’re experiencing when dealing with your own addiction, the addiction of loved ones and living in a world filled with idols, behaviors, overstimulation and anything that separates you from living the best life you can. I struggled with addiction briefly, but long enough to acquire “3 strikes” of legal consequences, suicide attempts, losses from my addictions, friendships, school, work, family, negative emotions, physical consequences, spirituality and financially. I couldn’t see what was wrong but because of the boundaries set by my family I surrender to recovery and have found healing. It is my hope that you find the same healing as you listen to podcasts, presentations, read, learn and grow. Life and recovery are not just about surviving day-to-day, but creating by using the gifts that God has given us. This website is not just for people with alcohol and drug problems, but anything that gets in the way of living life, serving God and being the best people that we can be. I will be talking about food, sex, video games, self-mutilation, emotions, depression, anxiety, shame, gambling, codependency, possessions and numerous other forms of idolatry. Celebrate Recovery research indicates that only 30% of the people that attend 12 step meetings at church for Celebrate Recovery have problems with alcohol or drugs. The remaining 70% are addicted to all the things identified earlier in this paragraph.