Some people are going to love this website and others will hate it.

We are going to see comments that are hateful and grateful.

Whenever we are hateful, it is because we disagree, we live in fear, we’re too proud, because we have had different experiences or numerous other thoughts and attitudes that prevent us from truly looking at ourselves. It is difficult to let go of coping skills that have kept us alive through trials and tribulations, but when we let go of what we think are “strengths” we are truly empowered with the gifts that we’ve been given by God and God’s wisdom, love, mercy, grace, salvation and forgiveness.

My father died with 30 years in recovery and one thing he told me that I would never forget is:

“If there are 10,000 people in this city working a 12 step program, there are 10,000 different twelve-step programs. “

This is why when we attend meetings, we are able to share our own perspectives and insights because we have different experiences than the other people in the rooms. Some people believe the steps should be worked slowly, knocking out a step every few months. Other people believe we should complete all 12 steps within a week or 2. This example provided in the AA big book in Bill’s story (pages 9-14) where you can see how he works almost all 12 steps within about one month prior to checking in and during his last hospitalization for alcoholism.

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